Learn IT as You Outsource

Picture of a hammer lying on a tableAs much as I know about technology, I know the exact opposite when it comes to home improvement. I’m the guy who’s looking for ‘How To’ videos on YouTube when his wife asks him to hang a picture. Yeah, it’s that bad. I outsource to YouTube.

That’s how lots of people, especially small business owners, feel about technology. It’s a bit scary. You might hit the wrong button, put in the wrong command, and poof – there goes your system, or worse, your data.

Entrepreneur.com recently released an article entitled The 10 Best Things for Entrepreneur’s to Outsource. Coming in at #3 was “Technology Setup.” While I can’t say I disagree (that’s what we do here at Oliant), it did get me thinking about outsourcing services for your business and how it relates to those “How To” videos I watch on YouTube.

Whether it was hanging a picture, fixing a hole in the drywall, or how to best avoid streaks while painting, I always learned something by watching those videos. By learning, I am able to save time and money while doing something that’s outside of my comfort zone.

Anytime I setup Google Apps for a client, I always give them the option of showing them what I’m doing as I go. If they take me up on the offer, they learn how to:

  • Setup accounts, groups, and permissions
  • Enable third-party apps through the Google Marketplace
  • Setup other Google services such as Feedburner and Analytics

Just this bit of knowledge can help a business owner better understand how IT sustains their business. More importantly, they learn how to use the features of these systems to help grow their business.

So while I’m not exactly Handy Manny around the house, I have learned a thing or two. That makes me a better homeowner.

Take a moment to understand your IT systems while leaving the hard part to the professionals. That will make you a better business owner.

Photo found via Flickr.

About Carlos Frevert

Carlos Frevert is the owner of Oliant Solutions. He has 13 years of experience in information technology management and has been proudly serving in the US Air Force since 1998.

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